Help Is On The Way

This week of Episode 71, I am joined again by Kenny.  This time he is not only sitting in as one of my  BFF’s, cousin and friend, he was specifically asked to sit in for the Main Topic.



 All week Kenny and I were having conversations about the struggles of small businesses, especially small black businesses from our community.  He is seeing first hand how these business are struggling to survive.  The more Kenny talked, the more questions I asked. We both realized that we knew people in our circle who were fighting for their livelihoods. We also realized that as of today, we are two of the lucky ones.  We are still employed, still bringing home a pay check and we are fortunate enough to work from home.  How lucky are we?  Then the question became, what can we do to help?
I suggested we talk about the resources available to help our community during this unprecedented time on the AEN podcast.  Kenny was all in on the idea and the plan was set in motion.  On the episode Kenny provided valuable information on how his institution, OPTUS Bank is helping small businesses in our community and across the nation.  What we wanted to get across to everyone is  that help is definitely available.  Small businesses are getting money at a rapid pace, but so many in the black or should I say minority community have no idea what to do or where to go.  Well AEN, dEFYLIFe, and OPTUS Bank are here for the small business rescue!!!
During the episode Kenny provides details about the Small Business Administration and the Paycheck Protection Program. He breaks the process down to make it easy for anyone to understand. He explains in great detail why a business owner should apply for a loan and what the owner needs to do to apply.  Its all laid out step by step.  Listed is some of the information you will hear on Episode 71.
Businesses That May Qualify:
*Have Up To 500 Employees
*Restaurant or Hospitality Business with up to 500 employees per location
*501c(3) Organization, 501c(19) Veteran Organization or a Tribal Business Concern
*Independent Contractor or Sole Proprietor
OPTUSPPP.COM- Complete Your Application
SBA@OPTUS.BANK- Scan Your Documents
KENNY@OPTUS.BANK- Get Your PPP Questions Answered
OPTUS Bank 803.733.8100
We hope this episode and the information provided can help someone in need. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  I put my name and the name of AEN completely behind Kenny and OPTUS Bank.  If Kenny can assist you he will without a doubt.  Go online and make the call.
Be Smart and Stay Safe!
Check out the full conversation!

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