Defy Life Patron Of The Month: Nichole Sanders

Our Patron of the Month for May 2020: Nichole Sanders


Member Since:  October 2019

1.  Where Were you born?  Columbia, SC

2.  What Is/Are Your Favorite Color(s)?  Blue

3.  What Do You Do For A Living?  I build the future by empowering our youth with knowledge or in simple terms, I am an educator.

4.  Favorite Vacation Destination?  Belgium or Africa. I can see myself riding a camel across the desert.

5.  Favorite Meal, Food and/or Restaurant?  My favorite restaurant used to be Outback, but I think I falling in love with Texas Roadhouse.  My favorite food……. I love seafood and Japanese hibachi.

6.  Favorite Radio Station or Artist or both? No favorite station; however, I have always been in love with Boyz II Men. I love most types of music except rock and hardcore rap. And I am beginning to really get into Country. My music is determined by my mood.

7.  Best Concert Ever Attended?  Boyz II Men… They kissed my hand and gave me a rose.

8. What are you passionate about? Children, Family, and Cooking.

9. What Do You Like To Do For Fun?  Cook, Read, Hangout, and go on adventures.

10.  If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be, if anything?  This is a hard question….. Some things about my looks.

11.  Five Things You Want To Tell Us About Yourself that many people may not know?   Five!!!! The one major thing is, under my hard and strong exterior, I’m still human. I love and hurt the same as others.  

12.  Favorite Podcast Network, Podcast Show and Episode of AEN? (Trick Questions). Defy Life, The Anything, Everything and Nothing with Lin and Kim, and I think it’s episode 49 or 51.

13.  What Made You Become A Patron For dEFYLIFe? At first I became a Patron to support Lin and Kim’s dream, but now I realize it’s also to uplift our community. dEFYLIFe is not just a Podcast Network, they also give back to the community in various ways.

14.  Favorite Part Of Being A Patron?  Hearing my name called on the Podcast. LOL!!!…. And I enjoy the recipes and jazz mix.


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