Mythical Mike

As sacrilegious as it may be for me to say this out loud, Michael Jordan is the biggest myth in sports. 😲

Defy Life Podcast w Tagline Large Rectangle

In episode 155 of The Defy Life Podcast, our “Buy or Sell” segment conversation veered in the direction of Michael Jordan and ‘The Last Dance’ docuseries. I made the pointed statement that his Airness and much of his legacy is a myth.

That’s right… We’ve been bamboozled… Hoodwinked… You know the rest.

ESPN anchors, countless VHS tape narrators, second cousins, amongst others, have force-fed us the narrative that everything Michael Jordan has been associated with is the greatest. That he was the only flawless basketball player the world has ever seen… “God in basketball shorts” even.

I call Bullshit (pun absolutely intended).

My co-host and brother, Thomas Stephens, was not trying to hear that! So much so that he went on the beat my ass in trivia to end the show. 🤣

Check out the full conversation and chime in:



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