It’s Our Anniversary

On this weeks episode I was excited to have a very special guest on the Main Topic.


I was proud to introduce my Partner, Rosalind as we celebrated our fifteen year anniversary.  It was a very special moment for me, Roz and the podcast.  As many of our listeners know, Roz will appear on the Podcast when she has to enter the studio, and the most I can get from her is a “Hey” and a “Bye”.  For her to actually sit in the chair and be apart of the podcast was touching to say the least.  That was a great anniversary present.  
Recording a segment of the podcast together allowed us to reminisce back to 2005, the night we met.   We reflect on how we met, the not so good times, the work it took to stay together and coming full circle. Roz was all in and I loved it.  She was laughing and dropping jokes almost like she was a pro at this podcast thing.  I shared the moment I met Roz.  I had the assistance of my “wing man” Kenny, yeah, that Kenny, my BFF from episode 68.  He was more determined  than I was for me to at least meet someone that night.  He was more on the prowl than I was, LOL.  You have to listen to the episode to hear how it all went down.
I guess  the story of me and Roz couldn’t be told without mentioning Chantelle.  Chantelle is Roz’s daughter, now our daughter.  At the time Roz had not been in a serious relationship in about seven or eight years.  Her priorities were taking care of Chantelle and her mother.  I guess Chantelle got tired of her mother being home home all the time, so she encouraged her to give me a call.  That was the beginning of the US.
Roz shared the story of our very first date.  I honestly had forgotten until she mentioned it.  She came over after working second shift one night. We talked for hours, picking up where we left off on several telephone conversations before our first date. We talked ourselves into the deepest sleep.  We woke up the next morning fully clothed, laying across the foot of the bed. THAT WAS A GREAT FIRST DATE.
As we stated in the episode, it wasn’t always peaches and cream.  We are still a work in progress, but one thing is for sure, we are in it to win it.
Happy Anniversary To Us!!!
Check out the full conversation below:

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