2020 NFL Draft 1st Round Pick Reactions & Categorization

My thoughts on each pick. Did your team reach? Was a guy to good to be true and not suppose to be there? Did need meet the board? Or was it just the best player available?

1. Cincinnti Bengals – Joe Burrow  – CHALK

Not sure why it took the Bengals so long to make the damn pick but we all knew he was  going to Cincy months ago. Joe Burrow is leaving one stacked offensive juggernaut for another. Accuracy, mind-set, decision-making, toughness and a guy who no matter the situation or the circumstance rises to the occasion and surpasses it.  

2. Washington Redskins – Chase Young – CHALK

Washington Redskins moving on from a 3-4 to a 4-3 with new Head Coach Ron Rivera and rightfully so. Adding Young to this already stacked front line is going to be a problem for those in the NFC East. I ask who do you double? Where do you slide protection? Young not only can rush the passer in a variety of ways but can defend the run just as well. Potential rookie of the year candidate.

3. Detroit Lions – Jeff Okudah – CHALK

Trade Slay and replace him with Okudah. The man is so damn smooth and seamless it’s incredible to the point that I thought he was bored in man coverage. Worst pass defense in the league last year, Okudah should aid in the resurgence of this Matt Patraicia defense that relies on a man-to-man corner who can take away the #1 wide receiver of the opposing offense. 

4. New York Giants – Andrew Thomas – CHALK

It was either offensive tackle or Isaiah Simmons and they chose to protect the quarterback Daniel Jones. They also chose the best tackle in the draft in Andrew Thomas according to Couch Potato General Manager. Plug and play guy who will open holes for Saquon Barkley. The way he plays the game isn’t sexy or excitable but nothing is more demoralizing than a drive ending because the quarterback was rushed into an incompletion or sacked. 

5. Miami Dolphins – Tua Tagovailoa – CHALK

No surprise here right? It was either Herbert or Tua. Perfect setup here as Ryan Fitzpatrick can be the bridge to Tua and the Dolphins do not have to rush him onto the field. I’d imagine at some point Fitzpatrick will do what he normally does and miss a few games whether that be due to injury or poor play, insert Tua and off the Dolphins go. 

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