On the Thank God It’s Not Hitler’s Birthday CDST Show (Part 2):

On the Thank God It’s Not Hitler’s Birthday CDST Show (Part 2):

— Hear John Cena play the corniest muscled White dude of all team, trying very unsuccessfully to intimidate a Spider Sally impersonator who would have none of it
— “I look like Mark Wahlberg ate Mark Wahlberg”
— “Who the hell is hot as balls?”
— With regard to the return of pro sports, if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel it’s barely flickering
— An Olympic village for MLB’ers in Cactus and Grapefruit county? A Vegas Vacation for the best contenders in NHL and NBA? Those ideas are being floated, along with canned crowd noise.
— Killer Keller thinks returning hitters won’t be so light and lively when taking their hacks.
— Frank Howard, The Capital Punisher, was no coward when it came to attacking the ball during that 10 hr week.
— ChabDog insists on drawing a line of demarcation between Colavito and Conigliaro
— Fragmented sound bits from Uncle Joe, who professes to love kids jumping on his lap
— Brian handicaps the Donkey front runner’s chances of surviving a debate against Trump, the Hannibal Lecturer.
— What’s up in Michigan? Could be a stay-at-home revolt? We have sweating qualms about attending any such sort of coming out party.
— Somehow we get onto the topics of hospitals last visited by John Wayne Bobbitt and bald heady Lamar Odom.
— We take a Brian Dennehy break, with a First Bloodletting, delving into Best Seller, Tommy Boy and FX, and then finishing up with 10.
— No surprise that we only have a very limited capacity to keep the discussion hippy as to Hitler
— The sound of Scorpions puts at last one of us into a serious man trance … get a load of that next top heavy next door neighbor
— A masterful opening to 1977 Monday Night Baseball by the one, the only, Keith Jackson
— Reflecting on the Angelic overtones of the Enberg-Drysdale combo,
— Eric force feeds us an intense course on infinite regression … “He takes a picture, of an artist painting a picture, or an artist painting a picture, of an artist painting a picture, or an artist painting a landscape”… heavy duty man….can I have another hit?
…. reminds of the forever mirror of my Nana’s bathroom in Scarsdale
— Taking comical, pot shots at political correctness at Yale.
— Closing the book on this show with the biggest hit Bob Welch ever had, and we’re not talking about the pitcher.


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