The Funeral Procession

This week on Episode 68 I had a very special guest, one of my best friends Kenny “Ken” Robinson (he really hates it when I call him Ken lol).

I mentioned on the show that it is a really good feeling when you can count on someone regardless of the circumstance.  This is a sentiment I can honestly bestow onto Kenny.  Our first meeting wasn’t traditional. We didn’t grow up together, we didn’t meet in elementary school and our families did not know one another.


I met Kenny in 1991 during a funeral procession.  Yep, a funeral procession!!! This dude stopped the procession, got out of his car, knocked on my window and only in a true “dEFYLIFe” manner, he took his shot.  I listened to his pitch, and what a pitch it was. He said “Excuse me, my name is Kenny.  I’m on my way to Atlanta for the weekend.  Would you like to join me?  All expenses paid!!” I must admit I was taken aback by his confidence and assertion that whatever he wanted from me he was likely going to get. I actually thought his pickup line was creepy, yet cute, and most importantly non-threatening. Obviously I said no to the invitation, but he did get the number.

Later that night he called.  He was still shooting his shot, but this time he was a little less arrogant.  We talked for hours, literally about Anything, Everything and Nothing (shameless plug).  He had great conversation and from what I could tell he was a really nice guy. At the end of the conversation, the long awaited question was asked……..WAIT FOR IT, “When I get back to Columbia, can I take you out?  That’s when I knew it was time.  I told Kenny my truth.  I let him know I was not interested in going on a date, not because he wasn’t worthy, but because I was gay. Kenny accepted my truth and bowed out gracefully.  That was the beginning of us becoming friends, and it’s been twenty-nine wonderful years.

A true friend is a gift from the universe.  A true friend allows a person to be totally free.  A true friend stands up for you, they have your back no matter what and they will always be honest with you. A true friend allows you to trust. A true friend co-hosts on your podcast with less than an hour notice. I am glad to say, Kenny is my friend. 

Check out the full conversation:


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