On The Greetings From Easter Island CDST Show (Part 2):

On The Greetings From Easter Island Show (Part 2):

— “When I’m good I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better”
— “When caught between two evils, I generally take the one I haven’t tried”
— “Is this a proposal, or are you taking inventory?”
— “I’ll never forget you… no one ever does”
— Eric decides to take jump offa the Pacific Heights trailer
— Thank god for that Keller feller, who was upbeat enough to take baseball stats with me
— First, a state of the union on the overwhelming demand for paper and cleaning products at the local grocer
— And what’s up with the run on tissues. We have serious issues with that.
— Hey, where’s my Steelers’ face mask?
— An almost eyewitness health update on how things are flowing in Riverside County
— Will drunken maritime revelry ward off the Covid-kid? A fascinating theory from the mind of Well-read.
— Suggestions about who to get out of the family reunion in Spokane.
— Clerks ready for work … listen in as a trigger happy Punjabby riddles his own store, in subduing a jacked up Craker. 7-Elevens were never this interesting.
— Oh my my my my my
— “I got a pickle stuck in my ass!”
— Mel Allen tells us what happened during a week of exciting baseball in 1978, while we weren’t watching. If he can’t put you in a serene, happy place, nobody can.
— The Bulldog, and.. Ebony Eyes “Bob Welch”… let’s consider Bob’s bona fides a little more closely. A gaudy winning %, 3 World Series Titles, 2-time All-Star, a 3.47 ERA and that incredible 27-6 year in 1990) … put him in… nobody that old has a season like that…
— Brian nails ChabDog’s 30-winner question to the wall, despite Eric’s lame attempt to confuse him with the guess “Joey McGlaughlin”
— With TWIB Notes dancing in the background, your host gets stumped by the obscure career reference to one Firpo Marbury … who goes back about as far as Marbury vs. Madison
— Speaking of 1924, we expose the memorable work of Sunny Jim Bottomley
— Did you know Ponies played in the outfield? Unfortunately, they usually can’t field too well… just ask Jimmy Ryan.
— 1884 was a very good year for guys good at taking their bases. Too bad Cap Anson was making a living piling up hits with walks. It almost cost him the magic 3000.
— Poor Barry and the Buccos of the early 1990’s … they came down with a terrible case of the Fulton County Blues
— The crimes perpetrated on the Crime Dog … too bad this principled player wouldn’t stand for loitering around another year
— Defense only takes you so far down the road to Cooperstown
— Let’s just view what we’ve seen in terms of the 2019-2020 NBA and NHL campaigns as glorified preseasons
— Going back to the MLB races in 1994, when things got nipped-in-the-bud for the suddenly sexy Expos.
— Is Rickey Henderson still stealing?
— Hey Maahk, it’s 1:45 in the afternoon; time to get up, and have someone make you a fried baloney sandwich.
— To destroy this message with maximum efficiency, please hang up
— Why 200’s becoming an endangered number when it comes to wins.
— We close the curtain on the show with “Folk songs of the slightly inebriated” (Look out, the egg salad’s coming out on me)
— Thank you Sports Rock for drawing our attention to the Low Spark of High Heeled Boys … a true classic from Winwood


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