On the Greetings From Easter Island CDST Show (Part 1):

On the Greetings From Easter Island CDST Show (Part 1):

— Enjoy a virtual Easter from your own island hideaway
— What about drive-in divine inspiration … ala Mr. Hour of Power
— Exploring the proper use of gov’t disaster fund proceeds (most things seem kosher, other than payment for forbidden, person-to-person services)
— In another 2 months, all of us will answering to Shaggy
— A pair of Punjabbers from behind the counter give an A-lister performance … serenading the Booty Call boyz
— In the words of Bernie Mac … “Glad wrap at 2 in the morning; looks like you’re eating more than just a sandwich, boy”
— It’s tough when your wheezing car has a nasty case of Corona.
— Tank staunchly defends his decision to sidestep American automakers and buy a South Korean Santa Fe.
— ChabDog makes the mistake of lapsing into a Shannon Bream dream, which rekindles painful memories of slow as molasses Sid Bream, barely avoiding Spanky’s short-armed ass tag.
— Roberto Alomar … the classic poisoned trade bait leading to Met missteps.
— Hey Noah, didn’t you know there’s no room on the mound for any pitcher named Adonis
— Brady has the audacity to pursue a trademark filing for “Tompa Bay” … be careful Tommy, this move could turn into your Tompa Bay of Pigs.
— Notable bad endings … Franco in Seattle, Stabler in New Orleans, Unitas in San Diego..
— Empty the streets, close the drapes,and listen to the discordant tones of a service being held Beneath The Planet of the Apes
— Trying to justify my relative apathy for Sci Fi
— Emotion presents a definite design defect for a machine attempting the pitching motion
— Conversation turns to The Borg, and unfortunately we’re not talking tennis
— What Star Wars and Taxi Driver have in common … an antagonist with palpably bad intentions
— The Short Happy Life of Henry Krinkle
— Apparently, Sport the pimp came up embarrassingly short when it came to certain measurements
— Check out the before and after pictures for Jeff Garland
— New Jersey’s new edict regarding dangerous walking
— Brian from Banning calls in just in time to hear that boating indiscretions abound in Newport Beach … where the social distancing guidelines are apparently out of reach
— Making the world safe from childrens’ playgrounds
— Darth Vader will soon be making an appearance on the streets of Newark
— a vacine hidden in an implantable chip … that prospect elicits quite a quip
— Frankie and Johnny … the Mae way.


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