No Such Thing As Chance

God helps those who help themselves.

Today, I write with a full heart. Although times a different right now, I find peace in the unknown, creativity in the restrictions, and love in the distance. I feel humbled because of my blessings and gratitude toward the Universe for providing me with the opportunity to be on this journey.
The blessings are endless; beautiful people in my life, oxygen in my lungs, and an inquisitive mind, to name a few. There is a whole lot of love in my life and I can not even begin to express my gratitude toward this divine love.
Is it luck?
Nah, not for me.
I have a friend who expresses his gratitude through the word luck, it used to bother me (and maybe still does we’ve talked about it and I understand his vantage point as does he, mine) but what I am so concerned about his expression of “feeling lucky” is because I didn’t want him to sell himself short. Meaning, I wanted him to be sure he knows that he has something to do with the blessings in his life.
Growing up, my mother said a lot, boy am I glad I listened! Something she says that resonates with me re: this article, “God helps those who help themselves”.
To the point: regardless of if you believe this life is predetermined or not, you have a choice. A choice to magnetize what you want. Beginning with Self, you attract all that comes your way. For the purpose of this excerpt, blessings. If feeling lucky is how you feel, so be it. Just know that your energy had something to do with the good fortune that came your way. Be intentional with your thoughts, time, space, and purpose. Be a cause in the matter of your life!
Take a moment to ponder every decision you made in the past 24 hours, see how each lead to the next progression. Now ponder choices in the past week, then move on to months, and years. What were your thoughts like during these decisions? What did you create from making a choice? The cool part is, we don’t know where the decision might lead, but we did have a say in the matter.
Pass forward your gratitude, lead with the heart. The love in my life is nothing short of the love I give and receive. I know I am worthy of all I have, and express gratitude for it by giving my energy to my mind, my people, and my passions.




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