On the Apex of Competition CDST Show (Part 2):

On the Apex of Competition CDST Show (Part 2):

— Defy convention, defy being meek, defy the critics and go defy life, per the recommendations of Dr. J.R.
— Cheech explores the far reaches of his pocket to pick out a toothpick, and then partakes of a quarter pounder propounded by Chong (“Kind of grabs you by the boo boo, don’t it” “Mostly maui, wowie man, but it’s also got some labrador” “You mean we’re smoking dog @#$# man?” “I wonder what Great Dane tastes like” “Wow, that some heavy @#$#$” “Hey man, am I driving okay? … I think we’re parked, man” “Whooaaaa… wow man … you just ate the most acid I’ve ever seen anybody eat in their whole life… I hope you’re not busy for about a month… HEY MELLOW OUT MAN!!!”
— Coming out the break, ChabDog gets a bit tongue tied after ingesting too much “Tide Stick”
— A closer look at two unpardonable HoF snubs with numbers guru Brian Keller, including the sweet swinging of one smooth operator, Al Oliver … 18 years of continuous excellence (wake up voters, here’s the “Scoop”… he’s got way too many qualifications not to get in)
— Two deaf outfielders … including chirping Dummy Hoy, along with the Louisville Slugger Pete Browning (what a Gladiator)
— Finally, a XX chromosome guest joins the fray … comedienne extraordinaire Ms. Kammy Burnett.
— Listen to an instructional video and a real public service message on how to dress for success in your quest for toilet paper accumulation … wear all you can bear … each precious square
— Eric gloats that he’s set for another month (showoff!) but warns of a Seniors’ black market
— Taking spooky masks to task
— Why humor is the best route to traversing a life of illusion.. ala Joe Walsh
— Well-read reads us a very heart warming story about Typhoid Mary
— One positive development of this crisis …no houses are getting TP’d … except by geriatrics with too much supply on their hands…
— Proper etiquette for women trying to hog their man’s attention during a pigskin session
— How to avoid paying for delivery pizza … our strapping guest has an ingenious strategy (works particularly well when Papa Johns isn’t involved and things are noticeably not low contact…. “Free Pizza, works every time”) (that prop was worthy of a very large deduction)
— What it’s like to do a “Live Show” in Hollywood
— Highlighting the best and worst in female comics, including McCarthyism, getting psyched about Wanda Sykes, and let’s make room for Amy Schumer. And don’t forget nearly 100 years of Betty White … and Cloris Leachman
— Keller’s affinity for Degeneris has definitely degenerated.
— We show some nerve, wondering why Merv was practically was living with LIberace on his talk shows.
— “Would you like to live in NJ? I don’t want to live in New Jersey… it smells like cheese”
— Doug and Wendy Whiner decide they want to see more of adorable toddler Barrymore.
— A frank discussion about Al Franken.
— Envisioning a severely truncated title squabble for a select few
— The frustrating conundrum caused by a dearth of disease data
— A shameless attempt to sell Riverside down the river, whle avoiding banishment in Banning


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