On the Ground Chuckle CDST Show (Part 2):

On the Ground Chuckle CDST Show (Part 2):

— Hear Frank Galvin dressing down a shady judge in chambers … over a delicious bowl of NE clam chowdah … the verdict is in, this movie was one of Newman’s best
— Brian says if you’re looking for some lawyerly inspiration, “You’d better call Saul”.
— Having difficulty getting your brain around a “prequel”? You’re not alone.
— It’s hard to plan properly when you can’t even survive.
— If Reagan was Mr. Teflon, is Well-read, Mr. Immunity?
— More on why living with someone in lockdown/quarantine mode presents some special “challenges”
— Looking in on a replay of the classic NCAA final from 1985 … bad boy, dirty Hoyas vs. the Cinderella Wildcats … recalling the SI piece about Gary McClain riding that train …bouncing the balls and bouncing off the walls
— Hey, skinny minny Reggie Williams… nice elbow to the face
— Talking about fighting, how bout that savage battle in the 5 pts between some crusty warriors and a bunch of Miss Nancys … natives vs. the foreign hordes… this did make Antietam look like a walk in the park (“Prepare to receive the true Lord!”)
— Gene tracing? For some of us, jean cleaning takes precedence.
— The Welsh are the Sephardic Jews of the Blessed Plot… indeed!
— Eric refuses to acknowledge the validity of ChabDog’s rorschach test on the Laughing Cow piece of meat
— A recommendation — fry your tri-tip in a pan, with plenty of olive oil and plenty of salt and peepah, then pop in the oven at 300, do some flippant flipping, cook to medium rare, and you have a rare treat
— “Reach out and touch someone!”… a jingle that has now been outlawed. But it’s still the case that “Daytime, nighttime, Saturday too, we open our doors … Citizen’s Bank of Maryland, conveniently yours”.
— Free chicken at “Frankie’s and Johnnie’s'”
— A Lefty baseball quiz that left us clamoring for more, including O’Doul, Gomez, Grove, Carlton and Koufax
— And how about Black Mike (the catcher with a lifetime avg. of .320), Ducky, XX (how to break a seat with a home run), and Killer, the Fordham Flash, and the Wild Horse of the Osage
— all about the pitching Triple Crown
— Getting all pumped up on punk (Let’s bomb the boats and feed the fish!,,,,), before we enter the violent world of dwarfy Donald and little Marco…. (“I guaranty there’s no problem!” … “Those hands can hit a golf ball 285 yards”)
— By the way, who is cutting the President’s hair? The White House gardener?
— Unearthing the magic of Sports Rock
— We end the show on a very, very, very, very upbeat note when Ethel Merman slips and slides on Benjy’s well-placed banana peel, followed by Keith Richards doing “Happy”.


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