If you don’t succeed, then keep trying … no sport proves this up more definitively than baseball, where you’ll probably get enshrined in Cooperstown by getting it right at the plate 1/3rd of the time.

By way of illustration, nearly 1/2 of the hitters who had the most career strikeouts ended up in the Hall of Fame, and the vast majority of the players on this list were All-Stars. Near misses on this list for the Hall include such greats as George Foster (he of the Black Betsy bat), Frank “Hondo” Howard, Greg “The Bull” Luzinski, Dewey Evans, switch hitter extraordinaire Dale Murphy, The Manram with many cell phones, and soon to be honored A-rod.

Perhaps less discussed, is the proliferation of mega-stars on the list of outfielders with the most boo boos. 28 of the top 50 were Hall of Famers, including such amazing fielders as Harry Hooper, Tris Speaker, Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente. Near misses for permanent enshrinement include Pete Browning (the “Gladiator”), Dummy Hoy (who was a deaf mute), George Gore, Dave Parker, “The Speaker” Tip O’Neill, Dave “The Cobra” Parker and 20-yr vet Bobby Veach.


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