Some notable observations of the canine companions to occupy 1600 PA Avenue:

Some notable observations of the canine companions to occupy 1600 PA Avenue:

1) The Nation’s Capital was definitely Hound town, with George Washington’s 13 four legged friends toasting to his success, including Drunkard, Taster, Tipsy, and Sweetlips
2) Not much is known about John Adams’ taste in mates … they were two breeds of unknown origin, and one was curiously dubbed Satan
3) Bachelor Buchanan found love with Lara, his big Newfoundland, and US Grant followed suit with Faithful
4) Rutherford B. Hayes made sure the mailman be scared with 2 German Shepherds and a massive Mastiff
5) Garfield’s most famous Veto was apparently going to the bathroom on the South Lawn
6) Before Teddy became a Bull Moose he hung out with Pete the Bull Terrier and Sailor Boy the Chesapeake Retriever
7) Big Bill Taft didn’t want to share scraps from the table, while ultra uptight Woody Wilson and Donald the Germaphobe didn’t want to get their hands dirty
8) Silent Cal didn’t give too many speeches, but he burned calories as a dog walker, making sure Calamity Jane didn’t have many accidents
9) While our economy was going to the dogs, indecisive Herbert Hoover changed pets like changing his underwear, with pets ranging from an Elkhound, an Irish Wolfhound, to an American Eskimo
10) FDR got us through the Great Depression with those cozy fireside chats, along with his Great Dane, President
11) JFK seemed a bit obsessed with Pushinkas
12) The “B” in LBJ really stood for Beagle … he had four and apparently struggled to come up with original titles for any of them … settling with the wildly unoriginal choices of Beagle, Little Beagle, Him and Her. How did this guy come up with campaign slogans?
13) Before Nixon got check-mated by his tapes, there were many touching moments with his cocker spaniel, Checkers
14) Ford gave us Liberty, before the voters gave him the heave ho
15) Carter sat down to breakfast every morning with his mutt, Grits
16) Reagan thought he was living fancy with Rex, The Cavalier King Charles
17) H.W. liked to get silly with his Springer, Millie
18) Too bad Clinton was satisfied being buddy buddy with Golden-haired Buddy
19) Dubya appointed himself as Scottish Terrier ambassador, looking after Barney and Miss Beazley
20) Obama didn’t spend much time in the pool, but liked the idea of having Portuguese Water Dogs


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