The Speak The Truth Podcast has completely revamped itself. We abandoned Power soon after Ghost died. We’re back, and ready for Biz..The Band is back together, and we ain’t playing. Well..we kinda are, Speak The Truth Podcast…Every Tuesday…We link up to discuss current events, trending topics, hilarious commentary and more. This first episode out the gate isn’t any different. They still funny as hell.

The show goes as follows: Click on STT to listen.

-Bully Pour it up: which is the drink of the week..

Big Apple


Big Apple


-Quita..what we eating: which is the recipe of the week..


Stuffed Spinach and Cheese Chicken BreastSpinach- and Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breast
– B- slang 101…urban word of the day..
– Neek- social media buzz..
– funniest thing I heard/seen all week-

Now we dive into our topics of the week:

-Quarantine day-8…name 2 good things about it…

-Shows or movies to catch up on…
Quita..Madam CJ. Walker.Netflix/ All- American..Netflix
Tess…Black Lightening…Netflix…CW
Bee…Snow Fall…Hulu
Quanda..They’ve gotta have us…Netflix
Neek…This is us…Hulu..NBC..For Life..Fox
Bully..still in mourning over sports

-Date #1…how far is to far for..Date Meme



-CMT Speaks the Truth: which is a poetry selection via Crown Me Tessie to take us home…



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