Movies With Migs: Superman: Red Son (No Spoilers)

What if the last son of Krypton landed in the Soviet Union instead of Smallville?

What if that “S” on his chest was a hammer and a sickle? Superman: Red Son re-imagines the Man Of Steel as a hero and symbol to Russia, working directly under Joseph Stalin. Alternate versions of Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Batman, and the Green Lantern are also presented. I have to shoutout the original mini-series written by Mark Millar. It’s a great read. The 3-part series was first published in 2003. I bought the trade 6 or 7 years ago after seeing the stop motion comic on Youtube. Also someone recommended Red Son to me. I can’t remember who though. Sorry! I don’t have a lot of DC in my comic book collection (I’m a Marvel geek when it comes to reading) but I very much enjoyed this story. The themes presented were interesting and seeing the way the conflicts shaped and took place was captivating. I’m a HUGE fan of DC’s animated feature lineup, so when I heard that Red Son was going to be adapted into a feature I was in! I liked it. I picked up the Blu-ray in a collector’s edition steelbook at Target last week. The steelbook design is awesome (Superman was drawn in Christopher Reeve’s likeness on the casing art) and there are a good amount of special features and bonus content to watch if you get the Blu-ray. DC is good for that when it comes to their animated films. The voice casting is on point which is another feature DC usually gets right. The animation style is Saturday morning cartoon so that part may not blow you away, however it’s bold and it feels like a comic book. The movie is not a carbon copy of the mini-series though. I’ll leave it at that, so check it out for yourself. It’s riveting to see how political power can change the best intentions, even when you are Superman. If you are interested in reading the series you can buy the trade on Amazon. You should be able to find a new copy for less than 15 bucks.

Special note to the readers: I hope everyone reading is in good health and that extends to your families as well. Please follow CDC guidance and procedures when dealing with the coronavirus issue. Take care!

Migs Rodriguez


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