Presidential Election Oddities (1928-1960):

Presidential Election Oddities (1928-1960):

— The brainy and multi-talented Herby Hoover didn’t have a cure for our nation’s depression, but his medicine ball competitions each morning on the South Lawn always set the tone for a burdensome day.
— FDR could walk the walk and talk the talk even if he couldn’t really walk.
— Loved by many for being an honest, straight shooter, with whom the buck stopped, Give ’em hell, Harry” rose to power in Missouri Democratic politics the old fashioned way … with some serious help from the corrupt Pendergast machine in KC.
— It isn’t hard to admire and like Ike, … what an impressive track record. Leading us to victory in WWII, and presiding over relative peace and prosperity in the 50’s. But as for his golf game, I hear it was in the rough.

Give ’em Hell Harry!

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