On the highly contagious “Covid Confidential” CDST Show (Part 1):

On the highly contagious “Covid Confidential” CDST Show (Part 1):

— After an extended intro, we jump right in to consoling cold carrying Frank “Phlegming”, who serenades us with a painfully sad rendition of “Misery” … Billy Joel style.
— How can we obey AOC and not eat heavily at Chinese restaurants, with all that MSG in the air?
— Eric tries to convert Vegans with intermittent and subliminal messaging of Snausages
— We consider the age old question … to self quarantine … or be seen
— Can any one loan Mr. Fleming a thermometer of the rectal variety? The regular ones in New Jersey have become wildly expensive.
— The utter insanity of hand sanitizer mizers
— And please, if you’re not sick, ditch the freaking masks
— “Bat Soup” — the latest offering of Chinese Marx Brothers
— MMMMy Carona (taking a whack at the classic 70’s tune by The Knack)
— The razor thin margin by which the NFL CBA became new and approved … including 1 additional game, more lenient pot restrictions, and a bigger tent for the playoffs
— No, the “Florida Chad Counters” bald guy who had the really eye popping experience as a vote inspector in the 2000 election was not James Carville.
— ChabDog cries, “Why give out playoff byes”, as this violates the equal protection clause governing early, unplanned elimination, and also decries a shaming rule that allow the No. 1 seed to pick it’s first opponent
— A deflated Tank seems completely apathetic about what he watches on the boob tube … indicating an amnesia mirroring George’s loss of memory on the massage table.
— Illuminati may not be entirely relevant or real, but Well-read enjoys injecting into the mix a rising conspiracy index theory.
— Without having to curb any enthusiasm, we’ll definitely sign up for sign language, notwithstanding Jerry’s keeping so abreast of the situation. Very distracting.
— We had better fix this situation before football season kicks off.
— Living under the tyranny of NJ Transitory, where power can be terminated for convenience.
— “Why take diet pills, when you can enjoy Aids” (the great tasting diet candy)
— Did you know the Mets were a stones-throw away from rosie, the queen of Corona, as well as the site of Gotti’s Easy-Money style party … down by the school yard.
— What are those rolls of tp and paper towels doing in that arcade Claw Machine.
— And what’s the world coming to if you can unleash a loud, satisfying sneeze in public once in a while.
— Pasta is now an endangered species at the local supermarket, and this includes all the cans of Chicken Christina.
— Ralph tells us why he’s had it up to here, but never misses an opportunity to pitch the virtues of Gail (I’m not B.F.) Goodrich.
— Too bad that Gobert was such a go-getter


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