Presidential Election Oddities (1884-1900):

Presidential Election Oddities (1884-1900):

— The “Veto Man” Grover Cleveland began his love affair with running for the Presidency (3 straight elections), winning a very close contest against James G. Blaine (no, that’s not the same “G” as in Fred G. Sanford). Cleveland prevails despite cat calls from the Republican gallery of “Ma, Ma, where’s my pa? (citing a love child). As had occurred before and after, New York turned against Slippery Jim when Catholics got hot and bother by Blaine’s failure to complain when a supporter attacked the Dems as the party of “rum, Romanism and rebellion”.
— Not a bad campaign run by repeat offender Grover, who manages a 1800’s style Hilary hallucination by winning the popular vote, but getting solidly electorate-ocuted by little Benjamin Harrison… the grandson of Tippananoe. This time the New York vote bites bit Grover in the buttocks, when Republicans manufacture the British Ambassador’s endorsement of the Dems, causing a near riot among NY’s Irish Catholics. 1884….
— It’s like the Washington St. vs. Washington, D.C. match up in ’78 and ’79 in the NBA, as these two titans of politics duke it again; this time Cleveland gets the better of Benji; and the winner proves you can win, lose and then win again.
— In 1996, William Jennings Bryan tirelessly stumps, while William McKinley never leaves his front porch … and the stationary one walks off with the prize. A big thank you is owed to majorly connected Mark Hanna.
— Four years later, Republicans party like it’s 1896, when McKinley takes out Bryan in a deja-vu all over again type experience.

“Front porch” politics really rocks!

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