I’m Not Homophobic Nor Biphobic Either

In Episode 64 of Anything, Everything, & Nothing, Kim and I discuss a newly popular Netflix show called Love Is Blind and topic that stemmed from the “happenings” of two of the show’s participants.

By now we all know or have heard about the relationship between Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack. At first, it seemed like a fairy tale love story brewing and then Carlton dropped a bomb on us! Yes, the bomb was dropped on us…not Diamond! Carlton informed us that he is sexually fluid and has dated men and women.


Carlton went on to say that he is no longer interested in men and feels Diamond is who he is meant to be with but, how will she take this news??? Well, Carlton finally told her, and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!! Now, what many of us didn’t realize is that we’ve seen him before…that is if you are a long-time viewer of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Carlton’s former job was the assistant of Cynthia Bailey and he popped up in at least one episode. In this one episode that is floating on the internet right now, we see a very different Carlton! He appeared to be a very flamboyant, gay man who started a cat fight with Kenya Moore. This was NOT the Carlton that we see in Love Is Blind. His voice is different, he is very romantic, and appears to be all about women. Since the show, Carlton and Diamond have shared that they have received death threats and all types of hate. Diamond was labeled by some as homophobic and/or biphobic. There is a whole article, posted on the AEN Facebook page that discusses this subject; make sure you check it out! Carlton is getting backlash because viewers feel that he lied by omission and he did not give Diamond a fair chance to decide whether she wanted to be with him before she said yes. So, with all this said and as this story plays out, some of us ask ourselves, how would I react to being told this by a man that I am dating? Kim wanted to know, and she asked me as well. 


If you listened to Episode 64, you know that I wasn’t really feeling dating a “sexually fluid” man. Diamond reacted that same way stating that she was concerned about if Carlton’s desires for men will return. I’ll admit, I felt like she should not have reacted that way. I thought she wasn’t being fair to him because it was in his past. However, when I put myself in the shoes of dating someone who previously had a sexual relationship with a man, I concluded that I CANNOT do it! And yes, it is the sexual part! I tried to think openly about it but my 40-year-old self in 2020 just can’t fathom it. I explained on the show that maybe my 20-year-old self in 2020 could be okay with it but nah…at 40, I’m good without it! Kim, on the other hand, stated that she feels like she could handle it and the only problem she would have is the emotional connection between the two. We disagree on this one but it’s okay! I don’t believe feeling this way makes me homophobic nor biphobic. It’s just what I want in as a part of my relationship. I’m not judging or opposing anyone else’s preferences, it’s just not for me. Y’all know I fully support the LGBTQ (RSTUV…LOL) community and I am a 100% ally.  I would fight at the drop of a hat for any of ‘em, but my Prince Charming MUST be a man who has had sexual relationships with women ONLY…PERIODTTT!!!

Check it the full conversation:


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