Sit Down

These are usually just some thoughts that I would share with myself but I thought, “F it”, it’s worth it to share ‘em with somebody else (Drake Voice) [pound cake].

There is a Plan, trust it. Get out of your own way and cast your burdens onto your Faith. Whatever you believe in, actively participate in what brings you closer to that Being. Begin each day this week with a grateful heart, set an intention, then do the things that bring you joy.
Get outta your head and into the moment, life will pass you by when you’re constantly constricted by thoughts of the past and the future. You are exactly where you need to be right now, be there: Be there honestly and as consciously as you know how.
Go for a run, pray, smile, do yoga, read a book, paint, meditate, dance, write, play with your kids, go outside. Whatever activity or action that remind you that your existence is beyond your flesh, do that! Stop depriving yourself of your Faith.
Let go of the control you think you have and trust the journey. It’s beautiful if you’ll let it be ❤


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