Navigating the landscape of the dating scene is often tricky and intimidating. We are going to take on this world, tell some real life stories, tips and hints, and hopefully provide some good and entertaining insights into the world of dating in 2020.

Welcome back to week 7, yes SEVEN of our series!! If you would like to hear/see more great content from our network, check out my sisters over at AEN!! They are bringing it EVRRY week and this last episode was FIYAH!

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If you are just joining us we’ve learned a ton. I mean, we ARE 7 weeks in, and we have been on a journey.  Go back, catch yourself up on anything you missed as these weeks build from a foundation.

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Shameless plug Alerts satifiied! So, all that long Journey, all of that work.  And you have gotten to the first date. I would like to encourage you to go back and refer to the self evaluation process of week 1, and do self assessment on where you are after the first date.  (Folks self assessment should be a daily/weekly type of health/life balance, reflection activity that you are doing anyway). You just want to make sure that your knowledge of  self is centered and true.  That allows you to make the best decisions, not only about friendship and relationship, but about all things.

I got news for you, and it’s not necessarily good news.  After all of that work, first date completed, as much time and effort and risk of putting yourself out there that you’ve done, as important as this was,…’ve accomplished absolutely nothing. I would guess that about 70% or more of all first dates, do NOT lead to a 2nd date.  I was trying to find actual statisticaly  driven data to back this up, but hard numbers elude me.  I just know it’s a ton! I know I’ve been on a whole lot of first dates. Even ones where I knew I KILLED IT.  I’ve met and spoken to women that admit that they are serial “first daters”. On and on…and on.  I know we are going to take on this topic on our show, as there is alot to examine here.  But for today, say it with me.  The 2nd date is more important than the first, and here is why…let’s get to the tips.

1. The 2nd date confirms the first.  It means you both have some mutual attraction and interest and are willing to take another step towards exploring it. Skin in the game.

2. If you are dating multiple people, it serves as an opportunity to set yourself apart as individuals begin to evaluate if they should eliminate the competition.

3. A 2nd date gives you the opportunity to open up more.  Show off your personalities. And to make sure your experience from the first date was no fluke.

4. It definitely lessens your chances of getting ghosted.  Lol.  I added this because this has happened to me, so I know it’s happened to you.  Went on date 1, had so much fun, killed it, everything was great, date over, never heard from her again, lol. That’s wild to

5. First dates are rarely flawless, but they often are not a disaster either.  They are usually somewhere in the middle.  The 2nd date gives  you a chance to build on your experience, your attraction, and execution, your consistency.

Folks, the 2nd date is probably the most important date in the life cycle of “dating”.  If you can get to it, You might have something.  Come back next week for more!



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