NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives (Thursday, March 5, 2020):

NBA Update:

— Stormin Norman leads the Raptors roaring back in a decisive 4th quarter, as Toronto picks up where it left off last June by rubbing out the Dubs; Curry’s back, but less protected than ever. #Raptors #Warriors
— Clippers dominate inside and out against a vertically challenged Houston team that couldn’t consistently hit the broad side of a barn. Extreme small ball has some serious limitation against teams like LAC with a legitimate interior presence. #Clippers #Rockets
— Another gem from Jamaal, as the under-appreciated Nuggets slip by the heroic Hornets. Denver continue to win the games it should win, but there’s no indication they can get it done in the playoffs against the conference heavy hitters. #Nuggets #Hornets


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