Patron Of The Month: Jennifer Griffitt

March 2020 Patron Of The Month: Jennifer Griffitt


  1. Where Were you born? 


 Columbia, SC


  1. What Are Your Favorite Color(s)?  


 Love all the greens


  1. What Do You Do For A Living?


I am a licensed Esthetician/Instructor and Massage Therapist


  1. Favorite Vacation Destination(s)?


Anywhere the water is blue


  1. Favorite Meal, Food or Restaurant?


Sushi and anything exotic. I love adventurous eating!


  1. Favorite Radio Station, Artist or both? 


This is a hard one because I truly love all genres of music


  1. Favorite Podcast Network and Podcast Show? (Trick Questions).


Hmmmm… let me think… The Defy Life Podcast Network and the Anything, Everything 


and Nothing Podcast with Lin and Kim, OF COURSE!!


  1. Best Concert Ever Attended.  




  1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be, if anything?




I would change my feet – They are big and have no arches.


  1. What are you passionate about?


Bringing people joy!




  1. Five Things You Want To Tell Us About Yourself that many people do not know?




1) I am a singer 2) My feet are so flat that they suction to the floor 3) I lived in Scotland for 2 years  4) I’m horrible at jigsaw puzzles 5) I’ve always wanted to move to NYC and be on broadway


  1. Favorite Part Of Being A Patron?

I get to support my friend’s passion! Love seeing her do what she was born to do!




  1. What Made You Become A Patron For dEFYLIFe?


Defy Life’s definition resonates with me!  I love the idea of being a part of something that allows people to share their thoughts, passions


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