Firewall primary update:

— Biden’s on fire

after getting a boost from his firewall, while Sanders takes a very distant second, Steyer retires, and the rest of the field gets stiffed in terms of delegates.
— Now the question is whether Joe can keep it going on back-to-back primary nights. And it may well get more complicated with Bloomberg entering the fray.

–And when will Obama come out of hiding and endorse his former 2-time VP? Perhaps he’s waiting until it becomes more clear that Biden can actually secure the nomination. But it could be the case that he simply wants to let the battle play out without this “outside” influence. Such an aversion to getting involved would stand in stark contrast to what we saw in 1988, when Reagan came out strongly for Bush. Whatever his reasons, the former President’s silence could be helping to create a brokered convention situation, which will like not be a good thing come general election time. A recommendation: let the people who respect your opinion so much know where you stand, and let Joe Biden test the strength of your coattails … if you wish to provide them.


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