Navigating the landscape of the dating scene is often tricky and intimidating. We are going to take on this world, tell some real life stories, tips and hints, and hopefully provide some good and entertaining insights into the world of dating in 2020.

Welcome back to week 6 of our series!  I trust our readers had a wonderful and productive week.  If you’d like to hear more content from myself, then join us every Thursday on Unsupervised: The Spinoff Podcast, powered by the Defylife Podcast Network.  Check out our latest episode and let me know what you think!

Unsupervised: The Spinoff Podcast

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Shameless Plug Alert over, let’s recap.  We’ve  been on a journey together, we appreciate you coming along for the ride.  We’ve covered how important “self” is in the dating process, all the way through to your ideal objectives of the first date.   Also, let me say guys, if at all possible, offer to pick her up.  A meet up is fine if not applicable,  but the offer should be presented.

And now we are here. At that first date.  We know what the objectives are (week 5), but where do we go, what do we do?  Hopefully during your conversations together, you both have been  paying attention to things you both enjoy doing, but this isnt always a “stick to the script type of scenario so, do not shy away from trying something, new, exciting or different.  First dates dont have to be super expensive either. They DO have to be successful, interesting, fun, and memorable or a combination of some sort. So, Todays tips, Date ideas for that all important first date.

1. Live Show (Music, Comedy, poetic, etc) – This might be my favorite first date idea.  Nothing sets the tone and provides comfort like being out together in the lights and atmosphere, sharing laughs, or a verse to your favorite song.  Bombing this evening should be very hard to do.

2. Sporting Events – Is he/She into sports? This is a great (first) date idea for ANY time. There’s just something about sports that puts us in a natural mood for comradory and companionship.  7 years as a Charlotte Hornets season ticket holder…and there is a reason why I always bought TWO seats! Great Date night.

3. Gardens/Parks etc – enjoy the outdoors? Most places have lots of parks, and/or beautiful places for gardens and trails to explore.  This scene means you are going to do alot of communicating, bring your A game.

4. Game Night – This is actually a LOT of fun.  Gather some friends, or a game group that meets in these lobbies, recreation rooms, etc and have some real pure fun.  Lots of laughter and creativity on display here.  This is a homerun first date.

5. Actively Date – Skating, Bowling, Go Kart racing, and this entire category is a tried and true, awesome first date.  Just pick the activities that peak your interest and go with it!

Folks, ultimately your personality will be on full display here, so remember our previous tips, and put them into practice. Try to avoid, just going to dinner. I dont recommend it here, although some are fine with it..I just think it’s kind of boring…and definitely no movies…but that’s just me.  Good luck! And see you next week!



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