NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives (Friday, February 28, 2020):

NBA Update:

— … and the feud continues … Harden couldn’t pass up the opportunity to fan the flames by questioning the Greek Freak’s skill set. This is definitely getting saucy. #Bucks #Rockets
Let’s be clear … Houston’s Boss Ball Hog does know how to pass the ball — … Giannis stands corrected…

All of this because someone didn’t picked first for the kickball team at recess….
— Clippers digest the Nuggets with ease, in what may be their most definitive, and important, win of the season. Denver just can’t compete with this much heavy artillery. #Nuggets #Clippers
— Milwaukee’s royal highness, Giannis, savagely steps on what was by all accounts a formidable adversary in OKC; those footprints are gaining traction. #Bucks #Thunder
— Bad loss for the Raptors at home against the horrible Hornets; they find out that Terry Rozier is definitely still to be feared. #Hornets #Raptors

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