Screenings With Migs: The Invisible Man (2020) (Spoiler Free)

The Invisible Man is a classic story of science, suspense, and terror.

The book by H.G Wells received its first film adaptation in 1933, and that movie was a groundbreaking cinematic achievement. There have been plenty of sequels and the use of the premise since. The 2020 version modernizes the story and adds domestic abuse into the plot. That element was well written because it makes you connect with Cecilia, the movie’s main character, portrayed by Elisabeth Moss. What would you do if you were a victim of abuse and you were the only one to know that your abuser created the ability to be invisible? You knew that person was doing things to mess with you head but you couldn’t prove it. The idea is scary, and to see it play out on screen was unnerving. The movie is a slow burner but the high level of tension is one of the elements that I enjoyed. Moss does a good job commanding the scenes and a lot of those scenes relied on her reactions and body language. The supporting cast members were good, but this movie was all Moss. I thought the narrative shift worked and it’s a shame that so many woman can identify with a victim of domestic abuse, so adding another layer of terror to a very real situation makes the film more harrowing than some previous Invisible Man entries. Last night’s screening was in Dolby Cinema, which I thought was weird for this film, but it’s being released in premium format as well as standard. My local AMC is going to be showing it in IMAX and Dolby presentation. I recommend checking out The Invisible Man however premium format isn’t necessary in my opinion. The special effects are cool, but if you don’t use a subscription service save some money and go on discount day. I wasn’t blown away by the movie but I’d watch it again. If you are a fan of thrillers and suspense then check this out in the theater. See my live review here:

Migs Rodriguez


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