Healthy Relationships Are The Only Way!

A long-term, loving relationship is something that I would say most of us desire to have in our lifetime.

lovely-young-black-couple-cuddling-date-autumn-park-copy-space-158169666However, my question is…do we also desire and seek to have HEALTHY relationships? Do we even know what a healthy relationship is? The article, 30 Habits of Healthy Relationships, referenced in Episode 60 of the podcast definitely opened my eyes to some things I’ve been missing and missing out on. 

Of the 30 things (well really 29 because it skipped 17 for some reason), I feel like there were more than half that I could not definitively say were healthy habits that I have practiced. That is truly unfortunate because maybe my relationship status would be very different right now. I suppose it’s not too late though! Honestly, I would love to put many of these habits into practice. I feel like all of them are necessary for a successful relationship. As I reflect on my previous, most significant relationships, I wonder how they would have turned out with these habits in place. In my opinion, everyone should read this article and become well versed in these habits before even entering into a relationship. The key is to be prepared and ready for a relationship on the front end.

Check out the entire conversation below:


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