Years Ago Being Dubbed A Down South Artist Came With Its Stigmas. Now It’s Becoming Of Anything Or Anyone Hot. South Carolina Writer&Rapper IStherealtruth Isn’t Waiting On Any Doors To Open For Him, He’s Kicking ‘em Off The Hinges.

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Some interviews you realize this person is different, more than an artist. Sitting down with Is was extremely refreshing for me. One jewel I extracted from picking his brain is his outlook on pain and love, it’s fascinating to me. ” Pain and Love go hand and hand, pain tarnishes you, love cleanses you.

What’s the formula for greatness? Tireless work ethic, an unfulfilling appetite to feed a bottomless pit, also above all, the Mamba mentality to obliterate anything and anyone in your way to obtaining Greatness. Shout out Kobe! Is encompasses all of these facets. He’s ready to make his mark on the music industry, in one way or another.

Let’s take a closer look at Defy Life’s Feature of the Month: IStherealtruthphoto shot


Hometown: prosperity/Newberry S.C.
Current city: Greenville S.C.
Social Media:
⁃       IG @istherealtruth
⁃       Twitter @isdarealtruth
⁃       Facebook: Istherealtruth

Who am I ?
An artist with a dope story.

What are you currently working on: I’m working on collaborative project with a female
rapper from the upstate; Victoria Rose. I also have a solo project releasing in March
entitled IS Love Real, a mixtape in May title: Mixtape IS, and writing for other artists.
How would you classify your style: Versatile, I allow the mood and the beat to dictate it.
Why do you do what you do: It’s my peace, my relief, my therapy!
What was your ah ha moment: Other local artist influence, along with other life changing situations.
What are you professional goals: Ultimately, I want to be a ghost writer and an A&R.
If you could collab with 3 people dead or alive, who would they be: Pimp C- for the
realism in his music, Wayne- for his work ethic and Kodak- his ability to paint pictures.
Who are you inspirations: In- Wayne, Out- BJ Bowers
Who Inspires you to be great: My Parents
How have you changed overtime: I’ve become acceptable of who I am and I’m willing to
share my story, my faults and all.
Music and art funding could potentially be cut in schools, what are your thoughts: I feel
the school system may assume the government funds will be better allocated,
especially with the availability of the internet. Being able to learn almost everything on
YouTube at a quicker pace than any school curriculum.

What’s the scariest part of being an artist: My gift not being recognized while I’m living.
How do I defy life: By defying the odds that have been stacked against me, and not letting them define me.

How do I defy life: By Defying the odds that have been stacked against me, and not
letting them define me!




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