Dating in 2020: A Series from Defylife

Navigating the landscape of the dating scene is often tricky and intimidating. We are going to take on this world, tell some real life stories, tips and hints, and hopefully provide some good and entertaining insights into the world of dating in 2020.

I hope that every had a great Valentine’s Day!  For those that spent Valentine’s Day single, and you would rather spend it with someone special, take some pointers from this series, and see if you can change that up for next year, lol.

Go catch yourself up. On what’s been a great series thus far!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

After Focusing in on you, your engery and what you attract, and where to meet people, let’s talk a little bit about communication and connection to our new interest.  Here are some tips that you could keep in mind to move forward.  You’ve already exchanged numbers and now it’s time to get to know one another a little better.

1.Present the best version of yourself.  Doing this makes the rest of this very easy.  I’m not talking about your “representative” as lots of people often speak about. We aren’t doing this for brief moments of time as a means to an end. If you have really done your homework and self work, then by now you understand that you should present the best version of yourself in ALL things. This is no different. Put this to practice, this is most important.  We will get more into this later.

2. And very importantly, be YOURSELF! There is no need to waste your, or anyone else’s time.  Let others get to know who you are.  Where you come from, and how you come to be this version of yourself.  This allows both you, and the person that has your interest, a genuine picture of chemistry and compatibility.

3. Talk, dont text. Of course this is all about preference.  So please be open to explore the desired communication styles here. But please remember that you cant judge tone from a text.  It lacks the ability to properly convey messaging and emotional depth.  I prefer to talk face to face to start things off.  Texting should ideally be reserved for those quick messages in between meaningful conversations.

4. Plan, This is simple. Making someone a part of your planning, and planning to explore with them is highly valuable.  The best relationships are formed from experiences and creating long lasting moments and memories.

5. Listen, and Pay attention. Be attentive, and listen to understand.  Dont just listen to respond.  That’s the difference between talking AT someone, and talking TO someone.

We out here dropping NUGGETS! Top 5 list of the week. Give em a try! Good luck out there folks. And see ya next week!



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