New Perspectives in the wake of new hampshire

Sanders scrambles to declare himself the most populous, and popular, Biden scurries to presumed safety in South Carolina … and iceberg Bloomberg waits to swallow up what’s left of the competition…

Yes, Sanders won in New Hampshire … but it wasn’t as impressive as 4 years ago, and may highlight the lingering problem with his candidacy (a core of support that is just not housed within the bread basket of the Democrat Party).

Buttigieg proves Iowa was no fluke, and Klobuchar continues to build on positive momentum created by the last debate.

Warren’s 4th place finish is a total dud; where did all that early support go? Seems as though she’s not been as convincing lately (or should we say believable) in terms of how realistic her policy wonky plans really are.

Biden is sliding into obscurity; will he have the staying power to remain in South Carolina on election night, or will he instead follow his “strategy” of leaving with skid marks, en route to his newest firewall further on down the line.

Bloomberg waits…

One thought on “New Perspectives in the wake of new hampshire”

  1. Great Article Brandon. I am closely watching Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Steyer. I ahve not ruled out Sanders and Warren, but I’m thinking we need new ideas and voices in the White House. However, not trying to put another 45 in there. This democratic primary got me all in for 2020. Keep up the good work.


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