Why Can’t I Be God?

On episode 59 Lin and I had a discussion with a very special guest, Brother Khemet from the Network’s Blaque Gumbo.

question-300x185It all started because of a video we saw where Aries Spears wanted to know if it was ok to question God.  That got me to thinking about my personal beliefs.  I often jokingly say on the podcast “You know I’m a heathen”. I don’t really consider myself a heathen, but it is fun for the context of what we are discussing. I have always believed that there are three subjects you don’t discuss:  Politics, Religion and Abortion.  But over the last several years I must admit I have been on a journey to find “my truth” as it relates to my beliefs about God and Spirituality.

man_imageI believe that a person has to find their own path to peace and righteousness.  A person has to look inside and see what feels right for them.  I am not a person who likes to research.  I like listening to others and then researching the information given. That’s just my way.  That is where Brother Khemet comes into the fold.  We have deep conversations almost daily. He has been on his journey of understanding for over two and a half decades.  This is why I find his information so credible.  For years I separated myself from God. God was this entity out there, a “He”  for the most part.  I really can’t explain why. I guess because that is what I heard most of my life.  Brother Khemet calmly said to me one day, Kim, you are God.  That was my “Ah Ha” moment.  I can honestly say I never thought that I was or could be God.
At this point in my life I believe that God is a way of life,  a way of being. My mission is to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be.  If I cannot help anyone, I must make sure I do not harm anyone either.  I strive to have the best energy possible at all times, because I truly believe what you put out is what you will receive. I am striving to be connected to the totality of everything good.  I will no longer look at God as a “He or “She” or that entity that is absent of me.
This is my Journey.

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