NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 2-8-20:

NBA Update:

— GSW TAKES ITS FIRST SWIG OF THE WIG, AND DEFINITELY DIGS WHAT WENT DOWN… Warriors give the Lakers a run for their money for three quarters … but in the end get stiffed by five. #Lakers #Warriors
–Another example of why from night to night, you just don’t know what to expect in the NBA; high flying Clips get stripped of their manhood at the Target. Definitely a case of low T for Doc’s dudes against the T-wolves. #Clippers #Timberwolves
— How did this happen? Leonard leaves the Raptors, and they end up even better than they were last year. That’s undoubtedly overstating the case, but VanVleet is tearing it up, and Pascal has definitely surpassed himself from last year. With Lowry and Serge Protector, among others, it by no means clear that the Bucks will be able to clear their hurdle en route to the Finals. #Nets #Raptors
— Pistons get drubbed with Drummond. Meanwhile, Julius seems to have brought a winning attitude to the Knicks. #Knicks #Pistons

NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 2-8-20:


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