NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 2-7-20:

NBA Update:

— Beautiful ending for the team with possibly the weirdest jerseys in sports. As for the Blazers, if only they got just a little out of the their forwards. Do they really have nobody better to throw out there than Melo (5 points in 39 minutes)?#Trailblazers #Jazz
— Beal was the real deal, carrying the Wizards literally on his back and past the tough Mavs. #Mavericks #Wizards
— Visiting Houston spots the Suns 46 in the first, and never gets up off the welcome mat after that. #Rockets #Suns
— No reason for shock and awe when the Hawks visit the Gaahden. #Hawks #Celtics
— Pacers travel home and completely unable to return the prior game’s favor to the ungrateful Raptors. Siakam was slashing and burning Indy with a variety of beautiful moves and Van Vleet was nothing short of sweet. #Raptors #Pacers


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