Dating in 2020 – a Series from Defylife

Navigating the landscape of the dating scene is often tricky and intimidating. We are going to take on this world, tell some real life stories, tips and hints, and hopefully provide some good and entertaining insights into the world of dating in 2020.

So, the past 2 weeks we have been giving you the goods! We have covered 2 very huge steps in getting ourselves prepared to date, to connect.  To look at ourselves and our energy.  To understand that all of this starts with you. If you need a recap, go back and read.  First time readers, go catch yourself up.

Week 1

Week 2

Now that you are all geared up with the info on you, and what you are putting out there and attracting and…..Now that we have my shameless plug alert out of the way.  I don’t think we can really talk about meeting people, dating, connecting…without talking about HOW we meet people, opportunities to meet people and what that looks like today.  So you guessed it.  Today…top 5 places to meet people.

1. At work – This can be a HOTLY debated topic, and if you should or should not establish romantic relationships with people that you work with.  But I didn’t want to leave it off, because well let’s face it.  Lots of people that are dating met at work! Some you know about..some are It might be the number 2 ranked place to meet people.

2. The hook up – This may be a little old fashioned, but this method still works.  My dad tries to hook me up with women all the time, lol.  J/k.  Only like twice.  But the real is, the persons close to you (friends, family, people that KNOW you) tend to know what you like and what you dont like.  If they meet someone that they think may interest you.  Nothing wrong with making that connection. Try it out.

3. At church – This is another oldie, but goodie!  If you can beat the Deacon and the Pastor to her..then you might have a shot! Lol.  I kid..I kid.  When you share such commonalities with people like religion and religious backgrounds, there is alot that can be said about two persons mutual attraction on a spiritual level.  This could work.  Just look out for Deacon Jones!

4. Out and about – The Mall, grocery store, bar, social scene.  Ladies and gentlemen, please do not forget about the tried and true method of just seeing a beautiful lady across the room and approaching her with charm and charisma ready to shoot that shot! Confidence, Thinking on your feet, some flirting in the moment is all required for this approach to be successful.  If that’s not your strong suit.  Ummm. No. And ladies be willing to see what’s going to happen.  See if he can make you laugh or something you haven’t heard before.  Have some fun with it.  Everyone likes to know that they are glowing and looking good today.

5. Online/ Dating apps – Technology rules the day.  It helps make things easier, and dating was not a territory left off the help list.  Dating apps is a multi million dollar industry.  Tinder alone has 100 plus million downloads.  So dont be scared to create you a tinder account if you want.  60 million options is more than the 300 people at your church, so you never know.  Fellows jumpin in the DMs.  Facebook even just introduced Facebook dating. Just be responsible and aware.  You may enjoy your experience.

Just a quick note of do NOTS, LOL.

90s movies made a theme of romanticism to “follow you home”.  That’s not a thing anymore fellows, you going to jail. Lol.  Dont do it!

Also, try to refrain from approaching a lady at the gym.  Most women are not in love with the idea of men checking for them during the workout time…they think it’s kinda creepy.

So…! Just a few ideas on WHERE you can meet folks! Hope you enjoy this one! Tune in next week! I might even teach yall what to say, like I should teach a class at the community college! Lol. We out!


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