Movies With Migs: Weekend Roundup (No Spoilers)

What’s going on folks! Over the past two weekends I was in the theater checking out some flicks. I stayed local for 3 of the movies.

I visited a Cinemark in Delaware for the first time to see the other. It’s a nice theater next to Christiana Mall, so if you are ever in the Newark area check it out. The following are my thoughts and recommendations for Just Mercy, The Gentlemen, The Rhythm Section, and Underwater.

Just Mercy: A powerful film about the disparities of the American justice system, featuring superb performances from Michael B Jordan, Jamie Foxx, and Brie Larson. This movie brings the memoirs of Walter Stevenson (portrayed by Jordan) to life, which tells his experiences setting up the Equal Justice Initiative with Eva Ansley (portrayed by Larson) in Alabama, and working to free innocent men who were condemned to life sentences. One of these men was Walter McMillian (portrayed by Foxx), who was arrested for a murder that he didn’t commit, and sentenced to death row, based on false and coerced testimony. This film really packs an emotion punch. It’s hard to not get upset when you see how an innocent person can get put through a prison system and get labeled a murderer based on a lie. A lie that is upheld based on the skin color of the accused. However, it’s touching to see that there are people out there continuing to strive for change, and true justice reform. The events of this movie took place in the late 80s into the early 90s. Sadly, the situation McMillian faced still happens today. This movie made me wonder just how many innocent people are in prison. How many have died? I know how horrible it feels to get accused of something you didn’t do, so I can only imagine how it would feel to get sentenced to a life sentence or death row but you were completely innocent. The film did a good job bringing out the physical, emotional, and mental anguish that these characters felt, and it really felt nice to see the triumphs. The case is highly interesting and harrowing. I recommend checking out Just Mercy and also looking into Stevenson’s work. Michael B Jordan is continuing to be impressive on screen. Bravo!

The Gentlemen: I was supposed to go to an early screening of this movie, but I found out that The Lost Boys was playing at The Senator in Baltimore that night, so I called an audible on the play. Let me just say that seeing The Lost Boys in the theater was awesome! Fantastic cinematic experience. I am a Guy Ritchie fan, so I was still in for The Gentlemen. It’s a fun crime caper. If you like any of Ritchie’s previous entries, you most likely will enjoy this one. It may not blow you away, but the film keeps you engaged and it’s humorous. The movie takes place in the UK, so the British humor includes plenty of insults and f bombs. Matthew McConaughey plays Mickey, a marijuana kingpin who is looking to sell his empire and live peacefully with his wife. He has a private buyer set up, but when word hits that Mickey is looking to get out the drug business some unsavory characters get involved and the plot thickens! Murder, mayhem, and Mary Jane!! I enjoyed the way the story unfolded, and I liked the cast. Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell are hilarious in this. Check it out on a discount day if you have a chance.

The Rhythm Section: I went into this movie pretty much blind. The only thing I knew was that Blake Lively played a character whose family was killed in a plane crash and she finds out the crash wasn’t an accident. Interesting premise, but the execution didn’t do anything for me. I thought the movie was bland. I really couldn’t buy into Lively’s character getting involved with a network of assassins and terrorists the way she did. It was a waste of Jude Law as well. My biggest shock was seeing that Barbara Broccoli was one of the producers. Bonus points for you if you know that name without looking it up. If you feel the need to see The Rhythm Section, you might want to do it soon. This movie bombed big time, so it probably won’t be around for much longer. I’d say just save it for Redbox. Spending a dollar to rent this is fifty cents too much though.

Underwater: Not bad, not great. Entertaining without being memorable. Underwater felt like a mash up of thrillers and horror films that came before it, and even though this movie didn’t knock me out my socks I appreciated the “oh snap” moments and I even jumped out my chair during one of the tense scenes. Kristen Stewart plays Nora, an engineer working in an underwater lab. The company she works for has been drilling deep into the ocean floor in search for natural resources, but when a catastrophe causes a massive breach in the lab the survivors have to find a way to get to the surface. As they make their way through the damage they start to realize this wasn’t an earthquake. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn!!! I liked the claustrophobic feel of the movie and the CGI for all the underwater scenes was decent, but I’d file this movie under “one and done”. Underwater is getting close to the end of its theater run, so if you want to watch it just check it out on TNT in the near future.

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Migs Rodriguez


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