All Apps Matter…?

Every app on your phone is important, right? What if you were forced to choose just 3?

Mobile apps are great. They’re convenient, efficient and mostly free! I mean, at our fingertips, we have instant access to our bank accounts and other financial sources, maps to anywhere we wish to go, an up-to-the-minute news cycle, the most addicting games, movies and more!!!

But, what if you could only keep 3?

On episode 142 of The Defy Life Podcast: “Fly High, Mamba!”, J.R., Thomas & Al were asked that exact question. Talk about a high-stakes decision! Can I just pick which of my kids is my favorite and call it a day, please?!!! Sheesh…

Nonetheless, the guys were able to narrow it down — after quite a bit of hemming and hawing. And, J.R., of course, found a way to easier navigate the choppy waters with a loophole!

Join the conversation below and let us know which 3 apps would you keep.


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