2020 Dynasty Rankings – Top 20 Overall (Aggregate)

By: CPGM Juice

Recently I wrote detailing, analyzing CPGM Headley’s Top 10 Overall Rankings for Dynasty (Startups) as well as my own. If interested in reading that post click HERE. Subsequently we decided to expand our respective 2020 Dynasty Rankings to a Top 20 and aggregate rankings from a handful of our colleagues in the fantasy football industry.

Below is the resulting data (admittedly a small sample size) reflecting how different our peers’ and potentially your league mates’ valuation of players can be. Some placing an emphasis on proven commodities. Others favoring youth, upside. And some names you may have expected being omitted entirely; perhaps even succumbing to the Fantasy vs. Reality dichotomy. NOTE: Had some fun with this one… If you want actual analysis I recommend watching the video.

For full post visit us at couchpotatogm.com for Rankings & Analysis OR checkout the video below.


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