It’s Not Just A Day Off

As an African American, The King Holiday is very significant. 

Not just because of his legacy of peace, justice, dignity, and service, but because I can still remember the difficulty to get his birthday recognized as a national holiday.

In episode 141 of The Defy Life Podcast, we discussed the importance of adults making sure we pass on the right traditions through advocacy, service, personal reflection, and family. We need to teach our youth how he was a revolutionary with a spirit of unconditional love and nonviolence.

We don’t want The King Holiday to become a commercialized tool that goes against who Dr. Martin Luther King, jr was when he was alive.

We acknowledged on the show there are many ways to do this with children. Community service projects, watching videos, listening to speeches, or just having intentional conversations. Every family is different and what works for some may not work for others.

My children are young adults. So years ago, we tried to instill the true meaning of the holiday, so that it would become their social norm.

If we don’t, a day will come (if that day has not come already), that we wonder whatever happened to the true meaning of The King Holiday!

Check out the full conversation below and contact us at to add to it!


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