NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 1-18-20:

NFL Update:

— GB getting 7.5? Seriously, that looks like a gift from god.
You can count on Rodgers keeping his team in the neighborhood until the very end.
— Gut check time tomorrow at Arrowhead. The Chiefs and their long suffering coach have finally been freed of Patriot shackles … all they need to do is conquer a team with a 9-7 record and journeyman field general who was junked by the Miami Dolphins. But we’ve seen KC riding high before, only to come crashing to earth when the rubber hit the road and things go serious. This team has the best QB in football, but one of the worst track records for choking that you’ll find anywhere … and a defense that is still, in one word, “suspect”.
And these Titans don’t seem to fear anyone … not the Patriots, not Lamar Jackson, and certainly not the #2 seed with all the speed. If they figure out a way to limit Kelce, control the run and force Mahomes to go outside to the wide outs, along with riding the wide thighs of Hammer Henry, why can’t they get it done. This game seems closer than the spread indicates, and watch out if Tennessee has the lead in the 4th. When it comes to extended periods of suffering, the visitors have just as much to complain about (20 years since they fell one measly yard short). And Vrabel may have learned a thing or do from Belichick about how to read Reid.


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