NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 1-16-20:

Tres bien, Montrezl!!!

NBA Update:

— Clippers dispel the Magic with a mesmerizing show from Kawhil and more muscle inside by Montrezl. #Magic #Clippers
— Jazz looked to complete a pleasing concert on the road in New Orleans, but Derrick wasn’t about to extend his old team any favors, and Brandon showed a brand of basketball puts the Pelicans over the top in OT. #Jazz #Pelicans
— Nice try by the Celtics, but they clearly lost control of Giannis, in addition to needing a lift after Jaylen’s thumb came up lame in the last game. Spotty defense continues to plague the C’s. #Celtics #Bucks
— Malnourished Warriors try in vain to slug it out with the heavyweight Nuggest, and their old college try falls just a wee bit short. #Nuggets #Warriors



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