Importance Of Email Address On Your Resume

The job market is as competitive as ever. Don’t let a ratchet email address ruin your chances before you even get the interview!

Having a professional email address is essential in today’s job market. Believe it or not, far too many people submit their resume or application using an unprofessional email addressand this can have seriously unfortunate effects on a job search. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot before you get it in the door.

resumeBrad J. Brown, owner of Brad J. Resumes, took on this topic as a guest on episode 140 of The Defy Life Podcast. When asked about the “craziest thing he’d seen in 2019” he referenced a resume that included “” as the contact email address. According to Brown, this is not an unusual occurrence.  Do better, y’all!

Take a listen to the entire conversation around
“New Year, New Career” as the guys from Defy Life talk to Brad J. Brown about everything from professional email addresses to the best time of the year to look for a new position or career.

Check it out below!


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