The Speak The Truth Crew Goes In On the New Episode of Power To Uncover Ghost’s Killer, Or Is He Really Dead!!

We really get our hands dirty on this episode. New evidence is exposed, and more suspects get eliminate. Click Here to listen to the episode.


Power..the last episodes EP. 12

Quote…There’s no beating him…he always wins”
Damn…no one died…will anyone else die
We have new evidence..who killed Ghost..my theory
-B..Ghost isn’t dead
-Kee..Riq killed Ghost
-Neek…Ghost isn’t dead
-Quanda…Ghost isn’t dead
-Money…Riq killed him
-Bully-…Riq killed him
-Tess…Ghost isn’t dead
-Me…Ghost isn’t dead
Your most powerful moment of Power, “He always Wins”
Whose line is it
“Nah…we ain’t friends no more”
“Angela saved my life”
“Oh No…Don’t push me”
“Hello..can somebody help me”
“I need you to talk”
“Trust me…I’m angry too”
“We all do crazy shit”
“You too late Poz she’s gone”
“He being transported to a safe house right now”
“The streets got her anyway”
“No No No….Bad News First”
“It’s nice to know you believe me now”
“You didn’t say anything that wasn’t true”



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