Screenings With Migs: Dolittle (Spoiler Free)

You might be thinking to yourself “another Dr. Dolittle flick?” but in this version we find out that Iron Man faked his death, built another time machine, then traveled back to the 1800s so he could live in seclusion with his animal pals.

All that avenging took a toll on him! Okay okay….I’m kidding about all that, but let me tell you how fun this movie is! I screened Dolittle a few days ago and the experience was highly enjoyable. I laughed out loud several times. RDJ takes on the role of John Dolittle, the famous animal doctor who has the ability to speak to animals. His talents are well known in England but after a failed expedition Dolittle becomes a recluse and locks his estate down. It takes a bit of goading from a winged friend (voiced by Emma Thompson) to get him to accept a mission to help the Queen of England, and that’s when the adventure begins! I really liked how good all the animals looked. The CGI was very crisp. The attention to detail is a nice touch, and the voice cast for his animal squad added flare and humor to the story. I mentioned Emma Thompson already, and you also get the voice talents of Craig Robinson, John Cena, Octavia Spencer, Selena Gomez, Tom Holland, and Rami Malek. Robinson and Cena are hilarious in this. The animals they voice have scene stealing moments that had the theater dying. I’m hoping that theaters are going to show this movie in premium format when it’s released this week. I would LOVE to see this in IMAX or Dolby Cinema. Dolittle was a nice treat for the eyes in standard format, so premium would make this a fantastic eye popping experience. This isn’t a Disney movie, but it has that feel to it. I felt like that after watching, which makes sense because the movie’s production company, Roth Films, is the same team that produced live action Alice In Wonderland and Maleficent. The formula works! I’m looking forward to seeing this in the theater again, and I recommend checking this one out. The movie is cheerful, it has some good messages, and there is plenty to laugh at. See my live review here:

Migs Rodriguez

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