On the “Divvying Up the Divisional Spoils” CDST Show (Part 1):

On the “Divvying Up the Divisional Spoils” CDST Show (Part 1):

— Tank’s nerves are at a breaking point as he is deeply immersed in territorial laundromat wars (it’s 70 degrees, cars are peeling out in the parking lot and tempers are flaring)
— Stan recalls in horror as inflexible Harbaugh fiddled and diddled like Nero watching Rome go up in flames
— Former Oilers have really struck oil with large Derrick
— What a shame — Lamar the flare comes up a total dud in the extra season (Bill Polian is gloating with glee)
— TN’s secret weapon .. Dean Pees… the Ravens former defense coordinator
— ChabDog describes the moment of truth, when Jackson turned down a straight ahead sneak on fourth and nothing and got stuffed peaking around the side
— Vrabel looks like the best horse to come out of the Belichick stable
— Snippets from Surly Bill’s post game press party, and a final bye bye to Tommy Boy (what’s that smell?)
— Chase “you know” Young’s acceptance speech for the Big Bronco award is dissected in about 3 seconds
— The pride of Banning, Brian Keller, joins the show and gives us the perspective from a hot hot site, Sports Rock (confessions of a frustrated Redskins rooter … yes he passed the Mike Bass test)
— Another waste management, exercise in recycling as Jerry decides to replace Jason with a real heavy weight in Mike “Melissa” McCarthy
— Rooney Rule=a feel good exercise in box checking (poor Eric Bieniemy became public interviewee enemy no. 1)
— Breaking down the NFC LEast, which is now the weak sister of all divisions
— The Rise and Fall of the two-headed Wentz/Foles monster
— Roger random wheel of misfortune metes out more punishment
— Buying Kirk on the come (oh the pain in Minnesota)
— Brady’s thank you speech after exiting the playoffs .. seemed like an audition for receiving a Golden Globe
— Sounds like busy Brian is the Babe Ruth of Facebook group admins
— Thinking about starting at write in petition for Morgana’s induction (not reduction) into Cooperstown
— Requiem for our Patriot patrons (someone please save Maahk)
— Sounds like their dredging the Rivers in Charger country
— Drew Brees is a very short 6-feet … and that’s hardly ideal for a guy who is always getting stuck deep in the pocket
— Ber educates on the ageless Rita Moreno, and then gives us an update on the 28-20 FCS Championship in fabulous Frisco (N. Dakota St. over JMU) (congrats on their 8th title in 9 years)
— Saigon = Mondays (every time I feel like I’m going to wake up in the jungle) (every minute I stay in this room he gets stronger)
— Eric sticks stubbornly to the story that he saw Tennessee in the Super Bowl in early August (in a pigskin’s eye)
— Who were those poor three souls on hand to welcome the Viking transport shop back to the land or 10,000 lakes, and what’s with Minny fan doing the YMCA sign
— Why what’s up with that score sheet always attached to Andy Reid’s face (is food involved?)

No. 1 is clearly not a quarterback number, Garo!

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