NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 1-11-20:

Remember the Titans!

NFL Update:

— After tonight’s trashing of the stale, off kilter Ravens, nobody can seriously argue that the “T” on the Titans’ helmets stands for anything other than tough. These guys jumped on their opponents from the opening gun, dominating the line of scrimmage and forcing fleeing flicker Lamar into countless mistakes and bad decisions. With a domineering Derrick Henry chewing up yards and the clock, once Baltimore fell behind by three possessions it was totally over. Tennessee is now like a baseball slugger on a wicked hot streak, for whom the baseball looks as big as a grapefruit .. tossed in slow motion. Who cares that they will be underdogs throughout the rest of the playoffs … how can you seriously consider doubting them. And congrats go out to Vrable for particular strong coaching job. Remember the Titans! #Titans #Ravens
— Things go just fine for the Niners, as they minimize Minny’s running game, keep Cousins prisoner in the pocket and use their own powerful ground game to let Jimmy G. operate free and easy. San Francisco can now sit back and count the days until they host the NFC Championship. As for the Vikings, it may be time to shake up command and control; there’s too much talent to be satisfied with continual failure come put-up/shut-up time. #Vikings #FortyNiners



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