On the “12 Reasons why it wasn’t Brady’s Season” CDST Show (Part 2):

On the “12 Reasons why it wasn’t Brady’s Season” CDST Show (Part 2):
— Larry David debunks the myth of shrinkage after he visits the kiddie pool and has a heart to heart with Tim Kazurinsky (“C’mon Hugh”)
— Curb Your Enthusiasm examines with a microscope the age old question, is the small _ or the large _ (just ask Big Jeff) (“Comas are very unpredictable” … “She told me, you had a small …” “no no no… she had the biggest _ known to man” “These big _ ladies are getting away with murder”)
— A classic round table of criminal minds from Batman (shades of the meeting of superpowers at Yalta)
— Brady’s flamboyant son, like you’ve never heard him
— Caruso goes off subject on why TB is so gorgeous and has to be reeled back in to reality; he proceeds to explain why the Vikes can beat the Aints (consistently running the ball and avoiding turnovers)
— No ChabDog … Mason Rudolf does not play tight end for Minnesota
— Psychoanalyzing Kirk Cousins with the benefit of a couch potato and at no charge (he hates being caught in the middle and is probably color blind)
— Maahk swears the divisional round will go uniformly for the home teams (yes, there is historical precedent) (is this his transparent effort to curry favor with San Fran’s playtex playmaker)
— Who knew Sanu knew how to field punts?
— Edelman must’ve been on too many painkillers … he couldn’t feel his hands
— Can Smart Money ever be coming outta Philly … whose fans had some very disturbing eating habits after their most recent Super Bowl win?
— Deshaun “Houdini” Watson
— Turning Fed Ex Stadium into the Ronald Rivera House
— Putting the Big Tuna in as the Washington GM (aren’t we running out of ice for that potentially smelly fish?)
— Turning down Well-read’s garlic bread is indeed an impossible proposition
— Fond remembrances of Shaq Mason looking oh so guilty when he found himself illegally downfield after Brady held rock for more than the obligatory 5 seconds
— Our cantankerous cabbie proves that he did write the book on coming up with old and new excuses for New England (including the familiar standby … it’s all Josh McDaniel’s, no… Stevie Belichick’s fault … and why can’t you find one freaking fullback)
— Frank Gorshin horsing around to perfection doing a Burt Lancaster Caped Crusader and a Kirk Douglas Robin on Deano’s Variety Show, followed up by a Brando Batman and a Steiger Boy Wonder (“I don’t know about you Robin… Robbie, Robbie, Robbie….I said I give you my word… I didn’t say I give you my Ward”)
— The slippery slide slope that has become Gronk’s TV career
— ChabDog warns us that Brees may not have it so easy today in the Big Easy without a productive tight end and heightened anxiety caused by large men in purple tights
— Back to the Battle of the Birds (this game is definitely not as watchable as the Hitchcock film)
— Eric professes love for Pete the Cheat, while some of us are digging Doug
— Getting an expert opinion on what happens when you’re inside a taxi that gets hailed by a heat seeking missile
— Hill replaces the possibly over-the-Hill starter and connects for a 40 yarder to the goal line (not necessarily a harbinger of good things to come)
— an abbreviated symposium on the elusive notion of international justice
— An interesting take on why the Saints chose to wear the weak white unis at home … a possible statement about surrender?
— And speaking of what inquiring minds want to know … what’s up with Troy Boy’s red eyes .. someone needs to such some Visine up to the booth
— Loving on the pride of Maryland … the perfect excavation machine Stefon Diggs
— Turning ourselves on again with some kick ass Genesis, “Turn It On Again”, baby!


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