Relationship Status Top 10 Tips to a Successful Long-Distance Relationship

There are a good bit of people in society that believe that long-distance relationships do not work. Friends, family members, and even coworkers will say to not take it seriously because you can get hurt. Relationship Status is here to tell you that it can and will work if you take heed to these 10 tips.

Screenshot_2019-02-15-21-07-03_1 (1)On this week’s episode of Relationship Status, we talked about long-distance relationships. Through our discussion, we found that a long-distance relationship is taxing. It involves time, patience, and hard work. We came up with the Top 10 things that will make your long-distance relationship successful.

#10- Communicate Regularly and Creatively: For an LDR(Long-Distance Relationship) to work, you will have to communicate regularly. Being that there is distance between you that makes it difficult for the two of you to see each other, the one thing that will bring you closer together is by communicating regularly. The one caveat is you have to make sure to not over-communicate.

#9- Don’t Make Assumptions: It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking the unthinkable. If you haven’t spoken to them when scheduled or otherwise, the mind can begin to drift. DON’T LET IT. One of the most important things in an LDR is trust.

#8- Remember Your Partner Isn’t Perfect: We are imperfect beings in an imperfect 8a9ce614a26c48d88cd2be6bbf7e78deworld. In an LDR, things are magnified. What might not have been an issue if you saw each other each day, becomes a HUGE issue with the distance. Just keep in mind that your mate is not perfect, and neither are you.

#7-  Learn How to Love Being Alone: Being that you are in an LDR, you will spend a good bit of time alone. For your relationship to work, you have to be ok with being alone with you.

#6- Know What Success Means To you: What makes a successful relationship to you? Whatever that is apply those concepts and ideas to this relationship. Have the discussion with your mate and decide what success looks like to you.

#5- Don’t Give them the Play-by-Play to Your Day: Although we want to communicate regularly, you want to save some things for the in-person meetings. Make sure you have some conversation for when you are physically together.

#4-  Never Spend More Than 3 Months Apart: Living lives in two different places can The-Digital-Age-Long-Distance-Relationships_HIbe a strain on your relationship when it comes to spending time. Well there is a saying that goes “we make time for what we make time for.” You should not go three or maybe even one month without seeing each other. You have to make time for your relationship or you will no longer be in one.

#3- Have Personal Projects: In any relationship, you can not lose yourself. Sometimes we become so wrapped up in the other person that we lose our identity. In an LDR it is imperative that you have something or things that occupy your free time. So, enjoy hobbies or take on new hobbies… things that are productive and enjoyable make for good ways to fill time as well as builds content for conversations between the two of you.

#2- Set Clear Personal Boundaries: You have to be clear on the rules that will govern your LDR. These will set the standard for relationship. An in-depth clear set of boundaries will make for a great LDR.

#1- Stay Positive: We chose this as number 1 because we felt as though a positive attitude and outlook can overcome any hurdle that comes about in the relationship.  So have faith in one another be positive!

If you take these tips into account, You will have a happy, successful & prosperous Long-Distance Relationship. We covered this as well as other topics related to Long-Distance Relationships on this week’s episode. Click the link below to listen.

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