On the “12 Reasons why it wasn’t Brady’s Season” CDST Show (Part 1):

On the “12 Reasons why it wasn’t Brady’s Season” CDST Show (Part 1):

— More downs than ups for football’s UPS guys, and that Frankie Midnight was smiling from ear to ear after his royal flush this morning just thinking about it
— Why NE got very uncomfortable when TN got too physical and didn’t respect the former world champions’ personal boundaries (unlike the lunchy teams they dined on for most of the regular season)
— Time to say bye bye after no bye week privleges. That Miami was responsible for this must really irk New England… just ask Urkle
— Other indicators of Patriot lack of preparation … all those touchbacks
— And what about Belichick getting out-Belichicked by Vrabel in terms of clock management (those well-choreographed, premeditated false starts really did the trick)
— Also telling was the decision by NE to punt the ball away with less than 3 minutes and down by one
— “Get in your spot!” .. Julian was told to assume the position.
— DeShaun can dish it out, and he can take it, but we think the road for the Texans stops in KC
— How to make TNF more palatable and fond memories of a Cleveland-Cincy game in October 2000
— Can the Titans stick a dealy blade into Baltimore’s purple birds?
— ChabDog was plenty justified in feeling imminent peril picking the Saints
— What in the world was that Hawks-Iggles line flipping before game time? And we were dumb enough to conjecture this was smart money.
— Why you are excused if you confuse Seattle with Green Bay
— Boston called in at 35 minutes, more bitter than a bitter herb and in “singing in the rain”… telling us how depressed he was; nobody, including himself, wanted to play with him
— HGH is indeed illegal Maahk … so don’t recommend it to anyone
— Listen in as our clips depicts Larry David’s interview with a very flamboyant child
— A visit from the South Beach Urkel …”Did I do that? He he he.” “We were the iceberg”.
— Who said, “They’re not getting nothing tonight”
— Lots of blame for the loss lands in the lap of Landon Roberts
— We are definitely not Romo-philes, but Tony’s head and shoulders better than Booger
— So sad that TB now has to trade places, … like Winthorp (“They beat me up and stole my clothes. Those men tried to have sex with me … it wasn’t heroine, it was PCP”) … and Well-read wonder whether he should go back to Bridget
— Brady’s new gig,,,, replacing McFarland or joining the Trump reelection campaign
— Happy Birthday yesterday to Derrick “I’m not Travis” Henry and to Coach Shula
— The difference between Ray Shero and Fred Shero Jr.
— Kaeppy’s new soap box message “Stand With Iran” … can we please wash his mouth out
— Dumb question, “Am I as smart as LBJ?”


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